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Buying kibble or canned dog food in bulk from a retailer.

Are there any kennels or farms with lots of dogs, or owners of lots of dogs buying quality kibble or canned dog food in bulk from a retailer and getting a discount in addition to regular discounts because of buying by the pallet? (Example buying several pallets at Petco and receiving a discount from buying in bulk.) How much is the discount?

I asked at Petco they said no they don't give discounts even when buying in bulk.

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    • If you are a breeder or rescue you can usually by from wholesalers. Just have to find the one with the food you feed.

      Another way to gain access to bulk buying is to directly get in touch with the pet food brands and inquire about their wholesalers and distributors. Get the numbers of your preferred dog food brand off the net - Purina, Pedigree, Royal Canine, Orijen all have contact details on their websites.

      • Tractor Supply gives me 5% for 20+ bags.

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