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    • 'She fed the little puppy to a giant'

      5,488 views Premiered Aug 26, 2023

      A sensible diet for a large breed puppy

      "Since our dogs grow very large, we pay very close attention to nutrition so that they develop slowly and athletically during the development period. It is important to ensure that they have little body fat and a lot of exercise. It is very important that you can feel her ribs with your fingertips. Up to the age of 2 they get very few carbohydrates, but a lot of protein and vitamins. Protein in the form of meat, eggs and fish. Anyone who knows about dogs can see in this video that Trumbo Jozo Dog, despite its size and weight, has a very good and athletic movement. In this video, Trumbo is 1.5 years old. We will continue to make sure that Trumbo continues to get good nutrition and a healthy physique until the end of his development (3 years). In order to get such a dog, not only food is important but also genetics and also plenty of space and many friends to play with."


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