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EGP Pretty Girl Sasha Dock Diving Part 2


This is her 2nd time going dock diving. She is already swimming better. Her prey drive is amazing. She is very determine to get her prey. I tried to call her off. I didn't want her to climb out over the side. As you can see she is insists on getting the toy no matter what, It will not be long before she jumping off of the dock. She might be a future Dock Diving Champion. More to come from this Game Patterdale Terrier.


We must thank Flying Dog Acres for allowing us to practice and learn!

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    • We will pr8ho again this coming weekend for more training. We probably won't post it. We will work more with her on her being comfortable swimming. We will work more on her knowing how to exit the pool. She did fair on that but it needs to be much better.  


      Aside from the dock diving and swimming 🏊‍♂️  we need to improve her recall as anyone can tell. I should be able to call her off. She wanted to grab and bring the toy more than come to me. I have to be the greater reward. That's not the goal if this exercise. But that is something for down the road..


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