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Feasibility Study

I've been interested in breeding to correct many of the health problems plaguing several of the larger breeds for many years. I want to correct the hip and elbow dysplasia and gastric torsion in the Fila. I want to create an: 1) Old Style Fila with game American Pit Bull Terriers, imported Fila Brasileiro's from Brazil, and imported Tosa's from Japan.

Here are some of the other dogs I'd like to create a 2) Home Dog - Neapolitan Mastiffs and game American Pit Bull Terriers.

Finally, 3) imported Fila's from Brazil- imported Tosas from Japan for a Fila-Tosa.

This will take a lot of time and effort.

This is a feasibility study only. Please list dog's you'd consider interest in there's no obligation to purchase.

Please list 1-3 of the type if any you'd be interested in. Little to no interest and little to no replies to the breeding programs will not be implemented, and the business will not open.

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    • Your desire to correct health and temperament issues in the large breeds is admirable.

      You should make it a scientific journey without regard for the sales of the dogs. I suspect that you would write out your plan and use dogs that are genetically tested, temperament tested and tested for soundness.

      Some offspring will be culled and the program repeated until you get a dog that matches your specs. Then try to repeat it. A difficult and expensive journey.

      • How is your experiment in this health and temperament correction progressing? Have you had any progress?

        I think you could start with the Great Dane, the English Bulldog, and the Labrador Retriever. The Great Dane has significant health and structural problems across the breed so any improvement would be welcomed. The English Bulldog is basically useless now so starting with the Levitt Bulldog OEB would point you in the right direction. About the Labs, that is a crapshoot. Some are still great working dogs but most are now useless as far as their function. Please let us know how you progress.

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