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Meet David & May

"Little Miss May is practicing all of her puppy skills on the daily - twirl, spin, come, shake, etc. And by this time next year she will be starting on cows, lots and lots of cows, enough to keep her little herding heart content!

May is a 5H dog - 100% not a family pet. While she is as sweet as apple pie and super fun to work with, she has been bred to be formidable in the pasture.

5H - Heading ~ Herding ~ Heeling ~ Heeding ~ Hardy

"Over 50% Border Collie, to give natural desire to work with people and take direction, a strong herding instinct, enough eye to give concentration on the job and a steady approach to cattle; 25-40% blue Cattle Dog to strengthen the desire to heel neatly and low, for bossing cattle; about 6-10% Bull Terrier, to induce a desire to the head and bite the nose, to block a runaway beast, and add genes for a short sleek coat.  Just a touch of the fearless arrogance of the Bull Terrier when combined with the strong-eyed concentration and herding ability of the Border Collie, balanced by the relaxed attitude of the blue Cattle Dog often adds up to control cattle quietly but confidently."  

~The founder of the 5H cattle dog crossbreed, Scott Lithgow, in Training And Working Dogs For Quiet Confident Control of Stock "


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