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Mezzocorso, the resurrecition of the ancient roman dog.

Can be the Mezzocorso, the resurrecition of the ancient roman dog? take a look and comment.

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    • I'm intrigued but can't find much about it, any links or pics? Only thing I'm seeing is some mention of it being a "livestock guardian", and that really grinds my gears. There's nothing wrong with Italy's livestock guardian, the Maremma aka the mastino abruzzese. It has no connection whatsoever to the ancestor of the cane corso/neo mastiff/cane da presa meridionale, which needs to be very clearly understood as a bulldog and any attempt to restore it needs to focus on that function with priority. 

      A compact broad mouthed seizing dog capable of anchoring a boars ear or swinging on a bull's nose. It should weigh around 80-90 lbs with a strict cap of never more than 105 - 110 lbs for a freakish big specimen that somehow retains its athleticism and necessary power to weight ratio. This would be restoring/resurrecting the working ancestor of the cane corso and neo mastiff. 

      • @Ivan H Plauchu do you know of any programs to undertake this effort. It would be an interesting one to follow.

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