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"We have been SUP'ing all around, and three of my dogs have what I refer to as pond slime goo eyes. I am positive this is not technical terminology, but it describes what it looks like perfectly. 

With any sign of budding infection - redness, goo, and obvious signs of irritation - I go to work treating this so it does not become full blown.

I use a combination of colloidal silver and chamomile tea to rinse my dogs eyes about 3-4 times per day, as well as making sure my dogs eyes and surrounding fur is clean of goo so I wipe with warm water throughout the day.

You can search on line for any of these solutions if you are looking for more natural care - here is just an example 

CHAMOMILE - I take 4-6 flower buds, steep in boiling water until cooled to room temperature. I remove flowers and then use a clean cotton ball soaked in the tea to wipe my dogs eyes and get some of the tea into their eyes

COLLOIDAL SILVER - I use ACS200 and spray just once in each eye after I have cleaned their eyes first thing in the morning

SALINE SOLUTION - If there is no goo but the eye is good and red I will use a canine friendly saline solution recipe to just flush their eyes, this is usually during pollen season.

I keep up until there is no more goo or redness, each of my dogs is different, from 1-5 days.


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