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Ozark Mischief Barn Hunt

Ozark Mischief had a Barn Hunt Trial February 27th and 28th.

EGP Pretty Girl Sasha got a first place, high in trial and earned her novice Barn Hunt Title!

MQH Paul of EGP got two first place awards and a qualifying score in his and our first attempt at Crazy 8.

I was disqualified once. Sasha did everything perfectly. She probably would have gotten another first place and maybe high in trial on that day too. But i was disqualified for having her leash in my hands. New COVID  rule is you have to either drop the leash on the ground or hang it on the fence. Only the handler can touch the leash. The old rule was put the leash in the basket near the entrance or hand it to a volunteer. The volunteer would hand you the leash after it was over. Normally the judge would remind you of this during the general briefing. But they didn’t do a briefing because of COVID even though it was on the schedule. That was my fault for holding the leash. So she got her title and first place on the second day. 


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