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Rottweiler for sale

This Rottweiler is very friendly,affectionate and oves attention. He is calm and takes treats gently, and when in the yard, he picks up a ball and trots around with it. He has been working on "sit" and "paw" commands with volunteers and is highly motivated by treats. He would do best as an only dog or with another confident and independent dog with experienced guardians.. 

 He's a 1 year 7 months old boy who weighs a whopping 100 pounds.Do you have experience with Rottweilers? Looking for a fun-loving and energetic pup? You would be a great fit for this lovely rottie.

Email address: elliottyler614@gmail.com

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    • This one sounds like a good @ROTTWEILER for the right owner. By training the sit and paw at his age. Is it safe to say he is not from your breeding? Just curious because many dogs get returned to their breeders at about this age as the owners can't handle or did not train the. Anyway I hope he finds

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