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usin' my skillz

It's actually been pretty fun working on the database translation from the old md to the new md. Had to bust out some fun sql queries, dump data into the db really on a wing and a prayer -- just hoping that the data would fly right in.

sometimes it did, sometimes it didn't ... thankfully ... the forums .. all flew in like magic butter!

magic butter?

did i really just say it flew in like magic butter?

just what is this magic butter anyway??

whatever it is, it must be good, cuz the forums are online ... there's some ugliness because the old forum is all in bbcode whereas the new ... (whereas? man, what is WRONG with me today?) ... is all in html ...

so patience is appreciated.

but clearly, this new site format is wicked better than the old. i'm looking forward to the revitalization of md ... cuz it's the bomb.Tongue out

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