I was just browsing for photos today and saw this photo - which led to a video.  It peaked my interest because the original photo was take by me at a Kennel in Italy. The dog in the photo is/was Finalmente - one of the most athletic - bred by Virgilio Dal Buono.

This is a screenshot of the "fake site video" https://viralchop.com/giant-dogs-of-the-world-part-1/amp/

And here is the original photo - taken by Gary Sicard.. lol.. so fake.

" target="_blank" rel="noopener">http://sicard.net/gallery/displayimage.php?album=42&pid=7612

And now you know the rest of the story.. :)

Call out the fakes.

Forces that influence canine performance.

Simba and his owner Arjanit Mehana

This attentive pit bull is a perfect example of why you should never judge a book by its cover.

Simba lives with his owner Arjanit Mehana in an apartment building in Sweden. Despite how Simba has always been a sweet pup, the neighbors in their building have negatively judged him for being a pit bull. Read more...

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Are you receiving too many notification emails?  Well, so am I :) 

Here is how to select what to be notified about or the turn off most of them.  Simply go to your account settings and you can disable notifications of your choice.  Follow this link https://molosserdogs.com/page/notifications-settings

Then simply deactivate the sliders.

Since 2005 if a dog is identified as a banned breed, or 'pit bull' they can be euthanized 

A Saugeen Shores woman has created a petition for Huron-Bruce to repeal the Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) when it comes to Pit Bulls.

Dog lover Tyler Higgins says when she moved to Canada the 2005 BSL required her family to find a new home for their beloved family pet because of the specific provisions which banned residents of Ontario from owning and breeding the breed. Read more...

I have added the ability to post polls and to upload videos directly to the website.  To get started adding content to the site all you have to do is click the " + " button on top.

or just use the add New... box to make your selection and get started.

Give it a try!

I followed the link posted by SmyrnaGiants to their youtube videos and watched the drone video of their kennel facility.  That is a fantastic use of drone videography - could be a future business for someone who is good at it.  Anyway, I thought the layout of the kennel was very impressive.  Here is the video - what do you think?

  • We visited the kennel during our stay in Turkey; we have never seen a kennel like it in Australia.

    Firstly, upon arrival, everything is spotless and clean, there is absolutely no doggie smell.

    The front area has manicured lawns, fencing, offices, a meeting area under a pergola, and the presence of music being pumped out to the gardens.  The people are hospitable and welcoming.  

    There is an immunising foot mat, submerged in disinfectant, upon which you have to step, before entering the kennelled area. 

    The staff are attentive and friendly, and liked by the animals.  It seems that as soon as any dog droppings happen, these are immediately picked up, and disposed of.

    All dogs looked healthy, happy and alert.  No doubt that these dogs are worth their pedigree and every sent. 

    The care, maintenance, health and training, coupled with the feeding of a good balance diet, to these dogs is paramount and very evident.  Plenty of fresh water was around too.

    Each individual caged area has an extensive runner area, much larger and longer than most. There is also an undercover area, sheltering the dog from the elements.  

    They also have a 'boarding' kennel for family wishing their animals looked after, whilst they are away.  Similarly each kennel is very generous in space and has CCTV so the owners may view their dog at any time, from anywhere in the world. You get the feeling that your animal will be looked after well.  The dogs are also exercised and allowed supervised free time to chill.    

    All in all, an excellent facility.  


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    • Wow-what a fantastic post about the kennel. From the video, it looks very well organized and spacious and your review of your visit attests to that. Thank you for posting it - It is great that you got to visit them in Turkey.

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      • Thank you Gary; we were really impressed!

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