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Pandora one week after arriving in Texas.  She is growing very fast and is quite smart.

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This is the album to chronicle the arrival and development of our newest puppy from Ruski Izvor Kennel Ruskizvor  


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A well-bred Bandogge is a confident watchdog, more than capable of protecting its master and property. Muscular and massive, it can easily overpower an intruder, real or perceived. Depending on the traits inherited from its parent breeds, this can be a smart dog, very intuitive and trainable, but it may also be strong-willed, overly dominant and difficult to handle, especially if owned by inexperienced masters. A loving family dog, the Bandogge is very gentle with children and devoted to its owner, making a good urban companion and guardian. However, even though animal-aggression is an undesired trait, the Bandogge can be quite unfriendly towards other dogs, needing early and broad socialization and responsible handling and training.

Since most bandog programmes are based on performance qualities and not looks, there is a variety of appearances and sizes, with some dogs looking like giant Pit Bulls and others resembling smaller Bullmastiffs, but as a rule all Bandogges must be agile, strong and powerful. The ears can be cropped and the tail is sometimes docked, although unaltered examples are common.

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My neighbor dropped the top on his Jeep and took their Catahoula and Labrador for a ride.

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These two are worthy of a repost

This is a Rottie.. Could you tell.

Oh oh....

Hello Molosser Fans,

we just updated the site and also added the Ads module which allows for the creation of Advertisement.  So go ahead and advertise you dogs, kennels, pups, and other services.  Cheers.

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#BigDogMom recently completed her most recent survey on the cost of big dog ownership, and I thought you might like to read it since it pertains to most of our molossers.  This is the largest survey of big dog owners ever conducted and measures the cost of ownership across 48 different questions about the monthly and annual expenses relating to owning big dogs. Please read her article here.


Reposted Admin's discussion.

Take a moment to browse one of my favorite websites dedicated to big dogs. BigDogmom

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Caring for an Older Dog. This document gives some very good tips and ideas for caring for an older dog. It is something worth printing and keeping on the shelf as a good reference.

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