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Removing Facebook and Google Login function. Hello Molosser Fans, I will remove #Google Login and #Facebook Login from the website. I am taking a stand against Facebook's censorship of patriotic speech and promoting false and misleading liberal talking points. Google is suppressing results in their searches to shape opinions and drive a certain narrative. I recently for information about a gun and could not find it on google but it was number 1 result using  That was strange for me and showed how diabolic these large tech companies are. So, we no longer have the Facebook and Google login options on the site.  You can still login with your email address and password. Cheers.
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Observe this show and let me know if you see anything vastly different from shows in the USA. 
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I found a nice article on the Central Asian Ovcharka on one of my favorite sites. We probably have the most accurate CAO breed profile here on MD but this is a good read also.
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If  you could stop a barking dog with the press of a button - would you? Sam Small is a renowned Police dog trainer and life long dog lover that stumbled upon a new way to train dogs that’s both highly effective and humane. The problem, according to Small, is that many dogs will train themselves to bark at all the wrong times, as well as to continue barking even after you, the owner, have determined that the bark is unwarranted. Read more...
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I have been following the Chinese Corona Virus called Covid-19 for some time now.  It is, as you all know, a global pandemic and that the source of it, the Chinese Communist Government is not very forth coming as to it's origins or mutation. So was the media scares the population into accepting many changes to their liberties - we are on the verge of a socialist lock-down from which the USA will not recover without significant blood shed. Keep that in mind as you look at this website that chronicles the numbers. Note that there used to be three line on the bottom right.. China, Recovered, and others.  China and recovered are gone - why is that? Here is the link.
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Is the government trying to stop pet owners from feeding raw pet food?  It certainly looks like it. And Answers Pet Food is courageously tackling the issue … head-on.  This is big news for dog owners.  It’s not just about Answers … it’s about your right to feed your pets a raw diet. Something health officials don’t want you to do. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) actively discourages people from feeding raw pet foods. Their main concern is humans getting sick from bacteria in the foods.  Read the full article Tell us what you think after reading the article.
I activated the Shoutbox on the site so you can feel free to give a shout out when you please.  This is a cool feature to have.  Enjoy
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A young Donald Trump was interviewed on TV when he was 34 years old. Wow!
Hi everyone, I finally got the location function working so feel free to update your location where every you see the location field during input.  Best wishes.
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Photos of the German Shepherd Dog (GSD) worldwide.
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One of the most popular and numerous breeds on the planet, the German Shepherd Dog is the result of a dedicated effort to create a worker of unmatched resilience, train-ability, intelligence and versatility. The early ancestors of the GSD were developed from crosses between old Ryoden Wolfdogs, Altdeutsche Hutenhunds, Germanische Baerenhunds, Howavarts, Harz Foxdogs, Serbian Shumadiners, Karavlach Herders, Belgian and Dutch Shepherd Dogs, Karst Sheepdogs, Scottish Collies, Bohemian Shepherd Dogs, Tatras, Beaucerons, Great Pyrs and other European working breeds. These "aboriginal" herders of Germany came in a variety of types, from bearded and wirehaired to shortcoated and longhaired dogs of different colours, sizes and temperaments found in Bavaria, Thuringia, Swabia, Wurttemberg, Frankonia and elsewhere. Just as today, they were known as the Altdeutscher Schaeferhund breed. Only a few of the variants were somewhat standardized, seeing how dogs were bred primarily for their working ability and not for looks. Two of these relatively established types were the smaller, short-haired, gray-colored Thuringian Wolfdog and the taller, long-coated, black Wurttemberg Sheepdog. Crosses between these and all the other types were common, but the dogs of Thuringia and Wurttemberg are believed to be the foundation for the Deutsche Schaeferhund breed.
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