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One of our female caucasian ovcharka
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In this video a Lewiston NY police officer goes out on a frozen lake to rescue a stranded Lab.
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Houstons KTRH News Radio
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News Talk Radio 1200 WOAI San Antonio
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One of my favorite dog breeder and expert contributed to this Article.  Arunas Derus from Akmenu Gele breeding ground is a very reputable breeder in Lithuania and was the breeder of one of our favorite Caucasian Ovcharka dogs that we owed. The Caucasian Ovcharka Shagi was one of the sharpest and most tractable Caucasins we owned. I am not sure if Arunas is breeding COs anymore but please read this article and if you are in the market for a Central Asian - give hims a very good look. In addition to knowing about the Ovcharkas, Arunas is an avid photographer and has some of the most beautiful Ovcharka photos on the net.
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Sometimes I get asked about the color of a Caucasian puppy and what they may look like when they grow up. Generally speaking, the color does change some and here is an example with Nayan.  
Removing Facebook and Google Login function. Hello Molosser Fans, I will remove #Google Login and #Facebook Login from the website. I am taking a stand against Facebook's censorship of patriotic speech and promoting false and misleading liberal talking points. Google is suppressing results in their searches to shape opinions and drive a certain narrative. I recently for information about a gun and could not find it on google but it was number 1 result using  That was strange for me and showed how diabolic these large tech companies are. So, we no longer have the Facebook and Google login options on the site.  You can still login with your email address and password. Cheers.
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Observe this show and let me know if you see anything vastly different from shows in the USA. 
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I found a nice article on the Central Asian Ovcharka on one of my favorite sites. We probably have the most accurate CAO breed profile here on MD but this is a good read also.
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If  you could stop a barking dog with the press of a button - would you? Sam Small is a renowned Police dog trainer and life long dog lover that stumbled upon a new way to train dogs that’s both highly effective and humane. The problem, according to Small, is that many dogs will train themselves to bark at all the wrong times, as well as to continue barking even after you, the owner, have determined that the bark is unwarranted. Read more...
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I have been following the Chinese Corona Virus called Covid-19 for some time now.  It is, as you all know, a global pandemic and that the source of it, the Chinese Communist Government is not very forth coming as to it's origins or mutation. So was the media scares the population into accepting many changes to their liberties - we are on the verge of a socialist lock-down from which the USA will not recover without significant blood shed. Keep that in mind as you look at this website that chronicles the numbers. Note that there used to be three line on the bottom right.. China, Recovered, and others.  China and recovered are gone - why is that? Here is the link.
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