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Tess Tornado Erben

our veteran, born march, 10th 2009

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Tess Tornado Erben

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our veteran, born march, 10th 2009

Chagall Nabucco, spanish mastiff

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Our 4th mastín español: Chagall Nabucco Tornado Erben born 03-07-2018



Pepper Loves To Run

Pepper loves to run!


Our Caucasians over the years

Show Quality and Working Ability

Breeding the Neapolitan Mastiff for the convergence of working ability and show quality.  Healthy and athletic Mastini.  Check out out MastiniMayhem.com

Alleri - Italy

I visited the Alleri Kennel of Virgilio Dal Buono in 2005 and captures some awesome photos of the Neapolitan Mastiff and Bergamasco

Kuvasz Guard Predator Conservation Program

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Since 2016 in Hungary exists the Programme wich two principal goals are: - predator conservation - kuvasz reintroducion to its original livestock guarding role

Dog Lover in Your DNA?

There may be a genetic explanation for why John Wick (played in the film series by Keanu Reeves) cared so much about his puppy that he embarked on a murderous rampage after a team of hit men killed the innocent pup. OK, maybe not. But scientists did recently discover that people who love dogs may do so in part because of their DNA.  Read more...

can't think of a caption.

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Working dogs

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An album of dog videos showing dogs working for a living.


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