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dogs from different sources, books , magazines, old pictures.
In this album lets post some photos/ images that are generated by artificial intelligence systems.
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perro de presa canario female 9 months
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Dogs that I see or have in Islamabad
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WE ACCEPT RESERVATIONS FOR PUPPIES JUST NOW! WE ARE EXPECTING THE BIRTH OF THE PUPPIES IN 11-14th FEBRUARY 2021! Gorgeous PUPPIES are expected from EXCLUSIVE PARENTS! Two exceptional dogs with a rich pedigree with beautiful looks and types.  To make this connection, I had to drive 3,500 km to bring an exceptional Russian young male / ILDAR, RU / into our kennel. For us it is a unique combination of two extraordinary dogs! We have been waiting for this combination of two dogs of exceptional quality for several years! A puppy will stay with us too. In the pedigree of the puppy is the WORLD CHAMPIONS from WW 2013, V-WW 2015, WW 2016, JWW 2017, CH RU, CLUB CHAMPION RU etc.!!!  Also dogs with
Two beautiful Central Asian Puppies from #ruskiizvor #polina
Two brothers - OLIGARH & OFFICER comming from RUSKI IZVOR kennel FCI. #Ruskiizvor #Polina www.ruskiizvor.jimdo.com  |  https://molosserdogs.com/page/view-organization-profile?id=3 Edit:  Added an organization
This is the album to chronicle the arrival and development of our newest puppy from Ruski Izvor Kennel Ruskizvor  #Pandora Enjoy!
Mayhem’s Pickles is a lovely female out of Mayhem’s Chemical Warfare (Aka Bosco) and Elysium de Bluhouse. This female is harmoniously balanced between structure, breed type and function. Her movement is fluid and beautiful to watch, she carries a lot of her sires physical attributes and abilities. Her willingness to please and her sweet nature towards her people make her a joy to own. We have big plans for her, please check back for more updates soon.