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    • filachick  great to see a few TM on here. That is a very nice litter of pups.  Did you breed them and did you switch from Fila to TM?  Thank you for sharing your photos.  Great to see.

      • Hi Gary, its been a long time :)  yes, I did switch to Tibetans, not bc I don't love Filas, I absolutely still do, bc our lifestyle has changed quite a bit, so not able to have one. We bought an abandoned campground in Southern Missouri, decided to fix it up and open it, so hard to have such a staunch protective breed with lots of strangers around, the Tibetans while still quite protective, are a bit more relaxed, and do over time accept new people :) The litter I bred is actually 3/4 Tibetan and 1/4 English Shepherd, they are still protective over family and home, and great with livestock, the English Shepherd is all of those qualities, but does make friends a bit easier, adds a bit more agility, and helps cut out the health issues common with the purebreds.

      • filachick, please update puppy pics.

        Godspeed.  Good Friday and Happy Easter.

        Very Handsome Male - Leo, any pics of Dam?

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