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EGP Sasha stopped by for a visit

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    • We were excited to see her and how well she turned out. 

      • So nice when one of your pups come to  visit and you are pleased with their development.  Great job eliteguardianpresa 

        • There's a possibility that we might breed her to John Brown. That will have Polish, Spanish,  and USA Champions all over the pedigre. Both working and conformation. I expect the pups to have a very stable temperament,  solid nerves, and strong prey drive. 

          • The owner said she is very protective.  She doesn't let anyone get near him. She is great with children.  She won't let any females including his family come close. I found that to be a little odd that the dog doesn't like a gender. She's 4 now,  therefore it's been close to 4 years since we've seen her.  I've heard many great things. But seeing her made us very pleased. She came right over and greeted me and my wife. He was shocked.  She doesn't do that for anyone else. I knew she would remember us!

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