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ATMA Propose Changes to the Tibetan Mastiff Standard

The proposed standard revision of the Tibetan Mastiff by the parent club in the USA could set the stage for the breed to separate into two variants as has happened to the Akita.

In this article on one of my favorite dog sites Denise Flaim of Modern Molosser, beautifully describes the events surrounding the revision of the Mastiff ( Do-Khyi) Standard by the American Tibetan Mastiff Association (ATMA) a member club of the American Kennel Club (AKC).

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    • This says the AKC propose changes. The truth is that the parent organization proposed the change. The AKC is doing what the parent organization wants.

    • "“It’s the war of the varieties – which variety will win?” he asks. “Either have a standard that’s inclusive of the varieties, or they have to go their separate ways.”

       To that end, if the standard passes and the larger dogs are “marginalized,” Eichhorn says one possibility is that they can create a new variety and begin the process as an FSS breed, with a new name, such as the “Greater Tibetan Mastiff” or the “Dog of Tibet.”...

      At its April meeting, the board of directors of the American Kennel Club voted unanimously to withhold approval to the club to ballot its membership on the standard revision, “unless and until all club members requesting it are provided with a club membership list.”

       Once that happens, the club will presumably vote on the changes. Whither the Tibetan Mastiff standard after that? Stay tuned." ibid. (do the dogs get to vote too?) Godspeed.

      Are TM comparable to CO as a home guardian?


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