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Ask Before Petting A Dog

Have you ever been out walking your dogs and someone comes up to your dog and start "petting" him/her without asking. Well, if you have a cute little dog of the toy type they may feel comfortable doing that. We have never had anyone do that to our dogs because they are big and scary looking. However, admirers should always ask first... Read this funny article to learn more. (They may want you to subscribe to read it.)

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    • So True. 

      We don't walk up to strangers (people) and start touching them either: first a friendly introduction, then a firm handshake....

      Animals appreciate respect and sense it in our interactions with their accompanying gestures and vocalizations.

      • Thank you knichol5 for your response.  I think along with being respectful of the canines we must not assume that they are all friendly and receptive to our attention.  I think the proliferation of the dogs shows and pet owners and the slow demise of the working dog has contributed to this. Most people believe that all dogs are supposed to be "friendly."

      • I agree that people shouldn’t walk up and try to pet a dog especially my dogs without permission. I’ve had to call a few dogs off before a person lost a hand or finger. 

        I do not blame dog shows. Many judges have been educated on not touching or going into a dogs mouth without permission. There are breeds they have been trained not to touch at all. I show my dog’s bite. Judges can’t open my dogs mouth. 

        However, society often assume that all dogs should be friendly. While I don’t want my dog to be a menace ti society I do want them to do what they were bred to do. They are to protect my family and property. 





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