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Dog in Back of Truck

In March 2016, I was driving home from hiking at Lost Maples State Park near Vanderpool, TX and on highway 181 I saw a dog in the back of a pickup truck. At first I thought the dog had a leash on that would prevent it from jumping out. As I got closer to the truck I was able to get a photo of the dog which looked like a Pit x Corso but could not tell. Anyway, here the the dog in the truck. 

What do you think about dogs riding lose in the back of a truck without a leash or restraint?

This is a common occurrence here in South Texas where there are a lot of hunting dogs.

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    • The dog has probably been conditioned to stay in the trunk since it was a pup. That's my guess. I say this because my dog was 8 weeks and I used to contain it in an x pen in my home. As he grew he could have easily gotten out. I can use it today and he's I've 120lbs but he will stay behind it. He is agile enough to go over ut. He's strong enough to knock it down. But he still views it as a barrier.  He would go through it if he thought were being attacked. 


      I don't have a pickup truck.  I've thought about getting one to use with my dogs. But I would crate them when they're in the bed. One might ride shotgun. 

      • Nice photo!  and that when you was driving)))

      • My opinion is that  this would be forbidden. This is very dangerous with many tragic accidents.

      • It is illegal in some states now. The biggest problem is not the dog jumping out but the velocity with which it really goes flying if the vehicle is in an accident usually makes for a fatality or grievous injuries. We got a number of these at work and it was pretty gruesome.


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