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EGP Perro De Presa Canario Puppies

Elite Guardian Presa has produced some outstanding working dogs. This breeding has Show prospects as well as great working dogs. They are truly Performance Presa Canario. 



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    • Your dogs are awesome looking so I am sure your breedings are top notch. Great looking kennel. :)

      • These dogs are kept indoors. We have runs similar inside. They go outside for exercise and to potty. We are keeping the brindle male up front. We are likely to keep one of the females. Initially it was going to be the red fawn. But as they continued to develop we don’t want to let any of them go. It will be easier to part with the brindle female because we have several brindle females. We shall see....smh

      • Thanks!! It is our goal in reproduction to maintain the breed standards both conformation and temperament. We expect our dogs to be able to what they were bred to do. These are working dogs. We expect them to perform. While there is little need to be a catch dog there’s a need to protect the family and property. 

        • That is very good to know about your breeding program.  I knew that in the past it was your goal and am glad to know that it still is. Too many breed for conformation (show ring) only and forget that the function is just as important of the form.

          • We should never lose sight in that these dogs have a function. They are above everything else a working dog. I had a lady contact me trying to buy a presa. She has a Cane Corso. She wants to breed them together. I turned her away. She has no idea of what she is doing or what she wanted to do. What was she going to accomplish by doing that. What will the Cane provide that a presa doesn’t already possess. What does the presa provide that the Cane doesn’t already possess. She couldn’t answer questions like that. She couldn’t answer why she wanted to mix the breeds. She was going to mix breeds of similar size and similar temperaments thinking that will make a better dog. Someone may sell her a dog. But it will not come from us.

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