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Villano de Las Encartaciones

“The Villano de las Encartaciones” is a large Spanish working dog breed originating from the Encartaciones region in the province of Vizcaya, in the Basque Country; it is also found in Alava, eastern Cantabria and northern Burgos. Its traditional use is for handling the Monchina cattle breed of Cantabria and the Basque Country, and especially for helping to bring down cattle from mountain pastures between October and December. It is a very old and endangered breed, with less than 200 registered specimens in the genealogical book. It is one of the five native Basque dogs, along with the Basque Shepherd Dog, the Erbi Txakur, the Pachón Navarro and the Villanuco de las Encartaciones. It has a robust and strong appearance, with a deep chest and powerful neck. Its tail is long and curved, and its ears are usually cropped to give it a more intimidating appearance. Its coat is short and smooth, dark in color, with brindle being the most common. It is a brave, loyal and protective dog that needs good socialization and education from puppyhood. Via ChatGPT.

Is anyone on this message board trying to preserve this breed?

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