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  • now that this has happened and my dog is doing better. I will never do dog food again. its all made by a bunch of greedy corporate bastards. its all made in china. its all done in the name of profit. All the healthy this and natural that are all gimmicks to increase sales. Its not healthy, its not natural. I used to work for science diet dog food about 10 years or so ago. stuff is garbage. I also recall the huge dog food poisoning epidemic years ago. What happened? they were putting melamine in the dog food to artificially spike the protein levels.


    That being said


    I recall a thread about how to raise and feed your dog rabbits for around $50 a month. it was on game dog forum. I stumbled across it once, and never could find it again. I have also heard of people raising guinea pigs as well. I dunno though. it seems like it would be expensive. 1 rabbit or guinea pig a day for 1 dog seems expensive and time consuming, let alone 3. Maybe if I had some more room and I could build a large enclosure for some a bunch of rabbits, but for now im sticking with just giving him chicken and rice and any other left overs really. He is doing much better now. still a bit of inflammation and pustules in his paws, but way better than before and hes not even taking any more medication. he was previously getting an allergy shot at the standard vet, while still eating regular dog food, and was about in the condition he is in now. I am thinking now that if I get him the allergy shot, and feed him raw, he should finally be 100% back to normal. I think his allergies may be enviromental as well, maybe partially, but fixing/changing that is really beyond my control. Gonna get him to the vet soon and try the shot, ill keep you guys updated. Good news is I wont need to take him to the dog dermatologist anymore, it was real expensive. I have a great relationship with my standard vet, if anyone is in socal and needs a good vet let me know I can refer you.  

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