Comment to RAW for cheap
  • I agree with everyone that says I have a hard time believing the dog is allergic to meat. It's not the first time I've heard that. But I didn't believe that either. I have never heard of a dog that eats Raw being allergic to any meat. They have been allergic to grains, corn, rice, and dyes put in commercial foods.


    You can introduce the dog to one meat source at a time. Give it to the dog for at least a week. You will be able to determine if the dog is allergic to it.


    It was mentioned that you can give the dog veggies. This is true. However, a dog does not have the digestive system that omnivores and herbivores have to digest veggies. They are carnivores (meat eaters). Sure they are opportunist and will eat anything but will not benefit from it nutritionally. Veggies, fruits, etc need to be crush beaten into a pulp in order for the dog to digest it. In the wild the dog ate the contents of a herbivore that it hunted and that provided the nutrition needed. The food would have already been in a form that the dog digestive system could digest. It's the circle of life. Another way to give you dog a complete balanced diet feeding raw is to give them green tripe.If you hunt or know a hunter you can get it that way. If not you can buy it frozen. It smells bad, but dogs love it and it is full of healthy nutrition.


    Every now and then you should give the dog organ meat. This means organs that are used as filters like gizzard, kidneys, liver, etc. Some thing hearts are organ, but it is a muscle meat.

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