Comment to RAW for cheap
  • I agree Gary. This is why I said turn the veggies into a pulp in order for the dog to benefit from the nutrients. In order for a dog to digest veggies they first need to be crushed. This would be done by the jaw teeth. Dogs don't have them. Therefore, when I give my dog a raw carrot it comes out in their stool just like it went in. It is still whole or however I sliced it. This is because they don't have the teeth to break it down. We have to help them by putting it through the food processor. There are some that will cook the veggies. This doesn't harm the dog, but it is not very beneficial. Cooking our veggies rob them of most of the nutrition. The same thing applies for the dog. I recall in a nutrition class I had in college. We tested several types of food and how they respond to release nutrients. On one experiment we had some broccoli. We cooked in for different time.. The raw broccoli had many vitamins. The one cooked just just a little had a decent content of nutrients. The one boiled the longest had very little nutrients. We tested the water that it was boiled in and it had a high content of nutrients. The results of the experiment was that the longer they cooked the the less good it was for us nutritionally.  We would be better off drinking the water than eating the

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