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I have been following the Chinese Corona Virus called Covid-19 for some time now.  It is, as you all know, a global pandemic and that the source of it, the Chinese Communist Government is not very forth coming as to it's origins or mutation. So was the media scares the population into accepting many changes to their liberties - we are on the verge of a socialist lock-down from which the USA will not recover without significant blood shed. Keep that in mind as you look at this website that chronicles the numbers. Note that there used to be three line on the bottom right.. China, Recovered, and others.  China and recovered are gone - why is that? Here is the link.

    • CV-19 infection rate / deaths 03.29.20 22:42:00 EST USA 2,493 / 142,356 = 0.0175 % World 33,968 / 722,289 = 0.0470 %   https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevindonaldnicholson/detail/recent-activity/shares/

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      • Thank-You for link Gary.  We will recover towards a fair market economy if USA Patriots lead the charge in USA government.  #2020   www.cmri.org

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        • You are most welcome.  If only the Chinese government had been forthcoming with the information. But we were expecting too much.

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        • The CV-19 King has no clothes on! Do not run your life by [[ Subjective Models ]] - looking for Research $$$. #Godspeed and #Wisdom. Please watch very Logical scientific analysis


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