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The first mention in Greece of the Indian dog 
  • It is interesting to read old text but we must consider that the authors and scribes were prone to great exaggeration as story telling and recounting of tales of courage and strength were the expected norm at the time.

    Also, humans for the most part were smaller in stature back in those days.

    "There are also dogs of great courage, which do not loose their hold till water is poured into their nostrils: some of them destroy their sight, and the eyes of others even fall out, by the eagerness of their bite. Both a lion and a bull were held fast by one of these dogs. The bull was caught by the muzzle, and died before the dog could be loosened."

    There is no dog that can hold a lion by itself. At lease not in these the time period covered by the writing.

    I do like that Ivan H Plauchu finds these great writings and share them with us. Thank you.

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