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Seymour, Montana, 1920
He entered a farm and the police shot him, it's not about sport hunting.
The second was shot down in 1935 in Flint, Michigan: Even after being gutted, he weighed 82 pounds. Height 97.5 cm, nose-tail length 237.5 cm.
the story about the maximum size of wolves - here is part of the documentation from the University of Caen, prof. Moriceau, relating to the 100-pound female wolf shot down in Mayenne, France, in 1886.
  • Yes, God made them to get large to purge out varmints - yet live stock killing paints a bulls eye on wolves.

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    • I can´t believe how large were those wolves in the lower 48!!! I know Flint and there´s a lot of game in those fields...!  38.4 inches height at the shoulders! like the McKenzie river Wolves!

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      • Wow!! They were huge. I wouldn’t want to run up on one of them. 

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