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Pictured are different stages of the agility equipment being built. I have more jumps and weave poles. I also have a tunnel not pictured. I'm buying a new tunnel and will add a  barrel chute.

Here us a video of BB starting to train. Paul had done a lot more training.  Right now I'm working on building her confidence for the teeter moving underneath her. 


  • Awesome home setup for training. Did you make all the tools yourself?

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    • Yes, I made everything myself. I did get my cousin to help. My youngest son stopped by twice and helped prime some of the wood.

      Im adding a tunnel.  I waiting for it to be delivered.  Then I'll add the chute.

      I may build a broad jump later. If not I'll use multiple jump in series for my broad jump. 

      I got the plans on how to make the equipment.  I watched some videos.  Then chose the design or combination of designs to make ours.

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