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in? Did you choose the breed of dogs that you own?

I chose the Perro De Presa Canario because of it size they are intimidating. I Ike that they are known to have a great on and off switch. I didn't know what that was until I met a Presa. I live in an urban environment.  I want a dog that will protect my family.  The Presa has the size and temperament to do that job well.i also love that they are bred to be companion dogs. 


When I saw a 150lbs dog with a prey drive to go up a straight tree almost above my head to hunt a squirrel on command I found my breeder!


If I had a lot of land I might have chosen a Caucasian, Burmese Mountain Dog, Great Pyrenees or a Komodore. If I wanted to compete in a dog sport like iPO or the French Ring I might have chosen a Belgium Malinois, GSD, Dutch Shepard  or Tervuren. If I owned cattle or other livestock that needed herding I possibly would have chosen a GSD or Australian Cattle Dog.


I gave some of my reasons. Let's hear about why you chose your dig breeds.

    • Yes, good reasoning: best friend or worst enemy.... 

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      • Yes. I'm interested in hearing why you and others chose their dog breeds  

        I gave some of my reasons for choosing mines.

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