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Afghan Sheepdog

The Sage Rama is the desert type Sage Koochee, the smallest and leanest of the group. However, this doesn't mean that this ancient herder is a small breed. The Afghan Sheepdog is strong-boned, powerful and resistant to heat exhaustion and strong desert winds. Not at all mastiffy in appearance, this resilient working breed, like its cousins, seems lazy and slow. Of course, this is due to its intelligence, because it is saving energy by moving at a slower pace, so it can react swiftly and chase the potential predators or prey without tiring. By some accounts, the Sage Rama is the rarest of the Koochee types, due to the common matings between this and other varieties.

The catlike movement and a reserved personality are some of the features of all Sage Koochee dogs, but it is the Sage Rama that exhibits these traits the most. The males are quite rugged and powerful, having slightly more substantial heads, while the females have a much gentler build and narrower muzzles. The body is lean and well-muscled, with strong legs and a deep chest. The tail is usually docked and the ears can be cropped.

The breed's dense coat is short and rich with undercoat, coming in a number of colours, usually solid fawn, white-based bicoloured and even tricoloured. Average height is around 28 inches.

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