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The Boerboxer was developed in the late 1990's by crossing African Boerboels with German Boxers, both of which are thought to be direct descendants of the legendary Bullenbeisser. However, the Boerboxer is intended to be more than just another re-creation of the Bullenbeisser and is primarily bred for guarding duties and the role of a family pet. Said to be very intelligent and trainable, this is a handsome and even-tempered Molosser, devoted to its master and gentle with children. The Boer-Boxer requires early socialization and responsible ownership, because this energetic and driven mastiff can sometimes be unfriendly towards other dogs. Naturally suspicious of strangers, it makes a good watchdog and is reportedly an excellent judge of character.

Heavier and more powerful than the modern Boxer, the Boerboxer is also said to be more agile and less aggressive than the Boerboel, making a better urban companion. The body is squarely built, with a deep chest and sturdy legs. The head is round and broad, with a powerful muzzle, well-defined stop and strong jaws. The tail is usually docked and the ears are left in their natural state.

The coat is short and flat, allowed in a variety of shades, but preferred in fawn, red and brindle colourings with or without small white markings on the chest and feet. Average height is around 26 inches.

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