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Bohemian Mastiff

This old black-n-tan Czech Molosser is believed to be extinct today. Related to ancient German Beardogs, Serbian Sylvans, Greek Epirian Shepherds and dogs of Asia, the Bohemian Mastiff of the Middle Ages was a powerful and impressive watchdog, livestock protector and hunter. Very large, ferocious and confrontational, these mastiffs were more common in rural regions of old Bohemia. This original incarnation also had some wolf blood, which resulted in the appearance of fully pricked ears in some bloodlines. Over the centuries, this lupoid leaner type became favoured and old-type Bohemian Mastiffs became extinct by the 19th century.

The recently revived breed by the name of Chodsky Pes is descended from the smaller and lighter Bohemian dogs, as well as German Shepherds. The original Bohemian Mastiff shouldn't be confused with the Czech Mountain Dog or the aforementioned modern Bohemian Shepherd Dog. The future might hold the promise of a dedicated effort to revive the old Bohemian Mastiff as well. Certain sources are suggesting that there are still some original mastiffs to be found today, but this hasn't been confirmed.

The coat is long and dense, always black-n-tan in colour. Average height is around 30 inches.

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