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Boston Terrier

Although considered by many to be a result of simply crossing the British Bulldog with the English White Terrier, followed by generations of inbreeding, the Boston Terrier is more likely a smaller variety of the original Boston Bulldogge achieved through matings with other breeds. The dog which served as the foundation for the breed was imported from England and was said to had been a brindle and white bulldogge type animal believed to be part White English Terrier.

This dog was then bred to an all-white Boston Bulldogge bitch, with the resulting litter forming the basis for further breed development. It has also been suggested that the English Bulldog, American Pit Bull Terrier, French Bulldog, German Boxer and the English Bullterrier were involved, as well as the Pug, but these claims, while quite plausable, still haven't been proven or accepted as valid by the majority of Boston Terrier enthusiasts. Whatever the real story is, it resulted in a wonderful American breed of consistent popularity which it has enjoyed ever since the 1800's. Initially referred to as the Round Head type of the American Bull Terrier variety known as the Boston Bulldogge, the Boston Terrier also deserved the moniker "American Gentleman", partly as an answer to the "White Cavalier" name associated with the English Bullterrier breed at the time and also due to its amenable personality which endeared the Boston Terrier to the masses in the United States. In 1891, the name was officially changed from Round Head to Boston Terrier, when the Boston Terrier Club of America was founded.

Compact and agile, the Boston Terrier is a lively breed, often strong-willed, but always loving and entertaining, making this little dog an ideal family pet. The body is square, short-backed and reasonably muscular, with sturdy legs. The head is small, but proportional to the body, with a short muzzle, fairly large, round eyes and well-defined jaws. The ears can be cropped or left unaltered. The tail can be straight or "screw" in type.

The short coat is fine, smooth and glossy. The Boston Terrier is always bicoloured, either white/black, white/seal or white/brindle.

Average height is around 16 inches.

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