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Cane Di Mannera

Cane di Mannera is a Sicilian breed of ancient origin, probably descended from the eastern livestock guardians like the Alabai and Sylvan crossed with old Italian and Greek sheepdogs. Elegantly molossoid in features, this handsome dog can still found in Sicily and parts of Italy, but it is rapidly getting rare, mostly due to crossings with the more popular breeds, such as the German Shepherd, Siberian Husky, Maremma, Scottish Collie, Caucasian Shepherd and others.

Some believe it to be the ancestor of a number of European breeds, most notably the Howavart and the GSD, while others are quick to point out that the original incarnation of the Mannera Dog has traditionally been white-coated, with the black-n-tan coloring being an influence of other breeds.

Not as large as some other Molossers, the modern Cane di Mannera is an agile and tireless worker, valued for its serious personality and resilience. Strong and muscular, it is still being used for herding and guarding livestock in the Madonie, Nebrodi and Catania regions. An excellent farm dog, this intelligent and devoted breed makes an agreable companion, but it tends to be overly protective of its owner and unfriendly towards strange people and dogs.

The moderately long coat can be both curly or straight and it comes in a variety of colours, usually brindle, black-n-tan, white or white-based bicolour, although solid shades of yellow, grey, black or brown aren't uncommon. Average height is around 25 inches.

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