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This is a recently developed protection breed, created in Germany by crossing Caucasian Ovcharkas with Chow-Chows. In order to improve trainability, some GSD blood was introduced as well. By combining the protective instincts and physical strength of the Caucasian Shepherd Dog and the Chinese Chow-Chow, the developers of the Cau-Chow are attempting to create a property guardian that is healthier, more powerful and easier to train than its parent breeds. Some involved with the program have commented that by using only Caucasians and Chows they've basically created a Tibetan Mastiff, both in appearance and temperament, which is why the addition of the German Shepherd Dog was subsequently agreed upon. Although the Cau-Chow bonds to its human family and is friendly and playful with familiar people, this is first and foremost a working watchdog that is extremely territorial and intolerant of strangers. Very dominant and aggressive, this breed doesn't get along with other dogs and isn't suited for living in an apartment, but can lead a happy life in urban environments if provided with a secure yard and sufficient exercise.

The Cau-Chow is a wide-chested and strongly boned Molosser, built for resilience and agility. Taller than the Chow, but smaller than the Caucasian Ovtcharka, this is a very athletic and healthy working dog, even if it appears somewhat heavy. The ears can be either carried low, half-pricked or fully erect and are left in their natural state. The tail is richly feathered and curled over the back. This is a strikingly beautiful dog, said to resemble a young lion, thanks to its large head and abundant long coat, which requires a fair amount of grooming.

The most valued colouring is solid golden-yellow, but fawn, red, brown, gray and black specimens are accepted as well. Small white markings are allowed on the feet and chest, but aren't desirable. The average height is around 24 inches.

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