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Croatian Tornjak

Very closely linked to the Bosnian Tornjak and other famous mountain dogs of the Balkans, the Croatian Tornjak is a beautiful working breed and an agreeable companion pet. This handsome Molosser, like many other breeds of the north-western region, became nearly extinct, but is now making a successful comeback, thanks to the efforts of devoted breeders in Croatia. Considered by many to be just a lighter variant of the Bosnian Tornjak, the present-day Croatian Tornjak is a result of crossing all disappearing mountain breeds found in today's Croatia with the remaining stock of preserved old Croatian Tornjaks and imported Bosnian Tornjaks, viewed by some as bringing sure death to those rare Molosser dogs in favor of developing a single Croatian breed. After years of conflict between the fanciers of the true Bosnian and modern Croatian variants of the breed, the Tornjak was finally recognized by the FCI as having both Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia as parent countries, but this decision, while begrudgingly accepted, failed to fully satisfy the opposing sides.

Not aggressive, this breed is friendly with people and gets along with other dogs. A capable livestock guardian, the Croatian Tornjak makes a good watchdog. Very intelligent and alert, it is an easy breed to train. This is also a remarkably long-lived breed, said to reach up to 20 years of age, if kept healthy and safe. The Croatian Tornjak is a fairly large, but lean working breed, having more lupoid features and a slightly lighter-built body frame, compared to the Bosnian dogs. Still, this is a strong and sturdy Molosser which is on its way to gaining more popularity around the world.

The coat is long and rich, always white-based with darker markings on the dog's head and body. Never all-white, the Croatian Tornjaks are always bicolored, tricolored and multicolored. Average height is around 26 inches, but larger dogs can be seen on occasion.

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