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Czech Mountain Dog

Not to be confused with the old Bohemian Mastiff, the Czech Mountain Dog is a relatively new creation, developed in the late 1970s by crossing the Slovakian Watchdog with a Canadian working dog which is said to be a cross between Alaskan Malamutes, Chinooks, Siberian Huskies and other Arctic breeds. Throughout the 1980s some Central Asian Ovcharka, Landseer and English Setter blood was reportedly added to the Cesky Horsky Pes, but this hasn't been confirmed. Used primarily for mushing sports, such as sled-pulling, skijoring, bikejoring and others, the Czech Mountain Dog is a powerful and resilient Molosser, prized for its intelligence and stamina. Although there are slight appearance variations among the working examples to be found, the Horsky Pes is fully standardized and can be seen in Dog Shows in Europe.

Generally even-tempered and friendly, the Czech Mountain Dog is a mild-mannered breed, although some specimens can be quite territorial and confrontational around strange dogs. This handsome worker makes a good family pet and is an alert property watchdog. Broad-chested, well-boned and muscular, this strong, rugged mastiff is reportedly very healthy and long-lived.

The coat is rich, dense and weatherproof, most commonly seen in white with darker markings of various shades. Average height is around 26 inches.

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