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Indian Banjara Mastiff

This rare Indian breed was created for fighting and hunting duties by crossing the Bangara Mastiff with the Banjara Hound, although a notable percentage of Indian Sindh Mastiff and imported Bully Kutta blood was reportedly introduced as well. The Banjara Mastiff hasn't been as successful in the fighting rings as anticipated, especially when matched against the dogs of Pakistan, but the breed still has a small following of fanciers who value its speed, agility and hunting qualities, as well as territorial nature. However, due to the lack of public interest and very limited appeal, the Indian Banjara Mastiff is slowly heading for extinction, with less than 30 specimens left in its native region.

The Indian Banjara Mastiff is a driven and courageous workier, but can also be overly vicious and confrontational around other dogs and strangers. It is a good property guardian, but its independent personality makes this large Moloss difficult to train and handle. Leaner than the Banghara Mastiff and more massive than the Banjara Hound, the Banjara Mastiff is a powerful and athletic Molosser. Deep-chested, long-legged and muscular, it is capable of great speeds, but this impressive working breed is also much stronger than most hunting dogs, thanks to its physical build and sheer power. The ears are sometimes cropped, but the majority of examples are unaltered.

The coat is thick and hard, coming in two main varieties these being the relatively short, flat coat and the fuller, longer type. The colors are fawn, brindled, black-n-tan, reddish-brown and black, with or without white markings. Average height is around 30 inches.

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