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Named after the famous artist Sir Edwin Landseer, this lovely Molosser is often mistaken for a black and white Newfoundland variant, with which it shares its name. Today's Landseer is a German re-creation developed from the combination of Great Pyrenees and St.Bernard blood, supposed to look like the dogs from the past as depicted by the prolific painter. While crosses between true Landseers and piebald Nefwoundlands are not uncommon, the Landseer E.C.T. (European Continental Type) does not benefit from such matings since it is not a variety of the modern Newfoundland breed and shouldn't resemble it at all. Massive, yet lean and sturdy, the Landseer Dog has noticeably longer limbs and a shorter coat than the popular Newfoundlander. Even the colouring is different, in that the Landseer is a white dog with a black head and minimal black markings on the body, whereas the Newfoundland variant has numerous large black patches all over its coat.

Intelligent, courageous and mild-mannered, this energetic breed makes an excellent companion, as well as a superb rescue dog. Although not selected for guarding duties, the Landseer does make a good watchdog and even farm worker. This is a large breed, with a broad head, powerful muzzle and a well-boned body, although overall noticeably lighter than the Newfoundland.

The rich coat is densely undercoated and needs regular care. Average height is around 30 inches.

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