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Montenegro Sheepdog

Probably the oldest of Montenegro breeds, this rare Podgorica Dog is a versatile working Molosser, undoubtedly linked to the great Epirian dogs of Greece. The powerful Montenegro Sheepdog is an excellent herder and livestock protector, related to other Balkan breeds and often mistakenly lumped under the names of Sarplaninac, Durmitorac and Herzegovac. The breed was never standardized or officially recognized, being primarily a working dog. Its numbers were never great, but after the 2nd World War, the Montenegro Sheepdog became very rare and hasn't fully recovered, even being considered extinct by some authorities. The modern incarnation of the Crnogorac can be seen in some parts of the region, but no efforts aimed at preserving the breed exist as of yet.

Although massive and colossal in stature, this tall breed is said to be much more athletic and agile than its cousins. The Crnogorac is very intelligent and fairly easy to train, but it requires proper early socialization, due to its dog-aggressive nature. Equaly suited for both rural and urban life, it makes an agreable companion and impressive guard dog. This breed is well-boned, with a strong body, long legs and a large head. The ears are sometimes cropped, with the tail always left unaltered.

The coat is thick and rich, with dense undercoat. Preferred colours are red, brown or grey, always with white markings on the chest and feet, but some white, fawn and brindle examples can be encountered as well. The average height has traditionally been around 34 inches, but most modern dogs aren't as tall.

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