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The Mucuchies has roots in the European Molossers brought to Venezuela by the Spanish forces. Some of its ancestors include the Pyrenean, Spanish and Algerian mastiffs, as well as the Great Pyrenees and the Moroccan Aidi. Over the years, these breeds were crossed with each other, as well as with local dogs of Venezuela, to create a very versatile and powerful working Mucuchies breed.

Initially more common in the Andes, the Mucuchies gradually became more popular in Caracas and other cities throughout Venezuela. The purity and quality of the breed was on a serious decline during the first part of the 20th century, which is why the official breed preservation club was formed in 1961. Through standardization and proper breeding practices, the pure El Mucuchies was salvaged and even became recognized as the National Dog of Venezuela in 1964. The breed managed to maintain its popularity ever since, but in recent years overbreeding became a problem once again.

Active, alert and intelligent, the Mucuchies is easily trained and makes an agreable family dog. This courageous Molosser is a very territorial and protective watchdog, needing early socialization and proper handling.

The coat is thick and rich, always white in colour, with small darker markings accepted. There is a great variety in height, but most dogs are around 26 inches at the withers.

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