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Nepalese Black Hill Watchdog

The Black Hill Watchdog is a relative of the Nepal Herders and the Tibetan Shakhi dogs, sometimes seen as a cross between them. This independent and intuitive breed makes an excellent property guardian. Instead of aggressively charging and attacking for no reason, it relies on its intimidating posturing and menacing bark to keep the perceived intruders away.

The Black Hill Mastiff is also known as a good deer-hunting dog, but it can make a capable wild boar hunter as well. Belonging to a group of smaller mountain breeds, this is nonetheless a very powerful and impressive mastiff. Well muscled, lean and alert, it is a tireless and dedicated working Moloss. The Nepalese Black Hill Watchdog is a resilient mastiff, preferring to live outside, even in the wintertime. Well-developed dewlaps are a trademark of this ancient Asian breed and are believed by the natives to give it supernatural powers. The ears are oftentimes cropped, while the tail is always left in its natural state.

The dense coat is preferred in uniform black or black-n-tan colourings, but some dogs are brown, with small white markings accepted. Average height is around 20 inches.

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