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American Bullen-Boxer

Another re-creation of old European Bullenbeissers, the American Bullen-Boxer was developed by crossing working lines of American Bulldogs and Dogo Argentinos with German and American Boxers. It shouldn't be confused with the English Bull-Boxer nor the so-called "White Boxer" variety, which is simply a popular, although undesired colouring of the German Boxer breed. Reportedly more agile than American Bulldogs, the American Bullen-Boxer is also a friendlier breed. This powerful Molosser was created as a livestock control dog and hog hunter, but also makes a capable watchdog.

Smart, trainable, playful and not overly dog-aggressive, the Bullen-Boxer can be a good family pet, but it is still very rare. While well-behaved outside its territory, it can be quite protective of its property and makes a good watchdog. This is a deep-chested and squarely built dog, very agile and fast. The Bullen-Boxer has a round head, with a short muzzle and powerful jaws. The ears are never cropped and the tail is usually docked, but can be left in its natural state as well.

The coat is smooth and dense, coming in all colours, from fawn to red and brindle, but is preferred in uniform white. Average height is around 25 inches.

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