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Pyrenean Mastiff

This large Molosser is thought to be a result of crossing the Spanish Mastiff with the Great Pyrenees and old Navarra herders, Cataluna sheepdogs and Italian Alpine Mastiffs, although some other breeds brought to the region by Phoenician traders might have played a role in its creation as well, such as the dogs of the Balkans, Caucasus and Central Asia. The Pyrenean Mastiff was originally used just as a flock guardian, but later on it showed remarkable ability to move the herds as well as protect them. To this day, the breed excels at fighting off predators, especially wolves. With the recognition and promotion of the breed in its homeland, the popularity of the Mastin del Pirineo has also continued to grow in many other European countries, where this lovely Molosser can be seen competing at Dog Shows more often than in a working environment.

As a companion, the Mastin del Pirineo makes an agreeable and obedient dog, always willing to protect its owner. This is a good property guardian, but some specimens might be overly protective and sometimes confrontational around other dogs, needing early socialization and responsible handling. Large-headed, massive and powerful, the Pyrenean Mastiff is a truly beautiful and impressive Molosser.

The rough, dense coat is fairly long and requires regular care. Colour is white with preferably symmetrical markings on the head and body. Most common is the white/fawn variant, although white/black and white/orange colours are accepted. Red markings, lack of markings and a creamy/yellow base coat are not tolerated. The average height is 30 inches.

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