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This is a recently created breed, developed by crossing the Great Pyrenees with the Newfoundland. Created in America, the Pyrenewf is primarily a family companion, supposedly healthier than its parent breeds, while possessing their best qualities. Leaner and more agile than the Newfie and less aggressive than the Great Pyr, this large breed is reportedly easy to train and handle. It can make a capable watchdog, but is said to be very friendly and well-behaved, even with strangers. The American Pyrenewf is not dog-aggressive and can live in a multiple pet household. Gentle with children and loyal to its owner, this massive water-loving dog is slowly gaining popularity in the United States, even though many still consider it to be just another designer breed.

It is hard to say what the future holds for the Pyrenewf, but hopefully a breed club will soon be established to ensure proper breeding practices and to protect this handsome dog from the dark world of puppy-millers. Even-tempered and calm, the American Pyrenewf is generally a relaxed Molosser, but can be very playful and energetic when excited. This is an attractive breed, with a large head, strong back and long legs.

The coat is thick and soft, seen in solid white or black shades, but also common as a bicolour, usually white with fawn, grey, brown or black patches. Average height is around 28 inches.

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