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Red Smut

Related to the legendary Blue Paul, the Scottish Red Smut was bred for smaller size and reddish-brown coat. Derived from local working bulldogs and terriers found in the Glasgow area and influenced by some Irish Bulldog blood, the Red Smut was slower and less aggressive than the Blue Paul, but was a popular fighting dog nonetheless. This driven terrier was the smallest of fighting dogs, making it an excellent hunter. Valued for its stamina and drive, the Scottish Red Smut was commonly used for hunting badgers and foxes. Alert and territorial, it was a dedicated farm watchdog as well.

By the late 1800's, the breed was becoming very rare in its homeland, but some strains survived in America, where they played a role in the development of the American Pit Bull Terrier. The breed is considered extinct today, but stories of surviving bloodlines persist. One of the distinguishing features of the Red Smut was its head shape, alongside its red nose and light eyes.

The coat color was preferred in solid red shades, but fawn, fallow and brown dogs were found as well, some with white markings. The hunting Red Smuts rarely exceeded 14 inches in height, but some fighting strains reached up to 17 inches at the withers.

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