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Tibetan Hunting Dog

Found in remote rural regions of Tibet, the Kunlun Hound has remained virtualy unchanged throughout the centuries. Closely related, yet very different than the Kunlun Mountain Dog, this rustic breed is oftentimes seen as a variant of the Tibetan Mastiff. Unlike other dogs of the region, the Tibetan Hunting Dog is neither a livestock herder nor protector. Its main role has always been and still is that of a hunter, although it can make a capable watchdog as well.

As a hunting dog, the Kunlun Hound goes through an extremely rigorous and seemingly cruel training procedure. When the puppies turn 3 months old, they are tied to their mother's collar via individual leashes and slowly walked by the hunter. Once the mother dog spots her prey, the hunter releases her and allows the hunt to start. During this, the puppies are being dragged behind their mother for the length of the chase. Those that survive get to do it again. Only the strongest and smartest puppies are able to run and keep up with their mother without getting choked or trampled underfoot. This ensures that only the best working dogs get bred and pass on their excellent working genes to the next generation.

The Tibetan Hunting Dog is extremely rare outside its native country and most specimens that found their way into the West were "mislabeled" as Tibetan Mastiffs. Territorial, stubborn and aggressive, this powerful breed doesn't make a good urban pet.

The lean, muscular and long-legged body is covered with a dense, harsh medium-length coat, coming in solid shades of fawn, brown and grey. Average height is around 23 inches.

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