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West-Siberian Mastiff

The Surgutskaya Ovtcharka is a very rare Molosser, often seen as just a variant of the Caucasian Shepherd, as well as being related to the dogs of Central Asia. It is unclear whether this breed is an ancient one or a result of crossing various ovcharki with West-Siberian Laiki and other breeds, but it has been suggested that its appearance hasn't changed for centuries. The other similar, but much smaller breed found in Siberia is its closest cousin, the Siberian White Ovcharka. Although related to the sheepdogs of Asia and Europe, the West Siberian Mastiff doesn't excel neither as a herding dog nor as a service dog. It's main role is that of a hunting dog, although it's often employed as a guardian, as well as a sled dog. It's reportedly almost impossible to train and it doesn't bond well to humans, if at all.

This breed's strong suit is hunting wolves, bears and tigers. Usually in packs of 4, these mastiffs have the ability to overpower and kill a tiger, after the faster Wolfhounds chase it down. Strong-boned, broad-chested and with a large head and powerful neck, the Surgutskaya Ovcharka is a rugged and impressive working dog. The harsh and thick coat is weatherproof and fairly long.

The colossal Surgut Mastiff comes in pure white, bicolour, tricolour and various shades of wolf gray, similar to Huskies and Malamutes in colour. The average height is claimed to be around 37 inches, but the majority of modern dogs rarely exceed the height of 33 inches at the withers.

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