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American Rottweiler

This was originally a term used for American bloodlines of the German Rottweiler, but is today usually reserved for a separate breed. The American Rottweiler was developed from lower-quality examples of the German Rottweiler breed, as well as by crossing taller Rottie specimens with the Bullmastiff, Cane Corso, Doberman, Labrador, Bull-Rott, Panja Mastiff, German Shepherd and a variety of common Pit Bull and Rottweiler crosses in the past 20 years. Preferably taller and usually more aggressive than the German breed, the American Rottweiler is an intimidating property guardian and can be very unfriendly towards strangers and intolerant of other dogs. Since there is such a wide variety of American Rottweiler bloodlines, it is impossible to have a single breed profile or standard that could be applied on every single dog belonging to this breed. It is safe to say that the American Rottweiler will never gain any official recognition from any major registries, but the majority of the dogs are actually classified as German Rotties as it is, angering the fanciers of the original German breed, as well as contaminating its bloodline, since some breeders of the German Rottweiler in the U.S. often use American Rottweilers in their breedings with hopes of achieving greater height in their dogs. Regardless of its ancestry, the American Rottweiler is quite common in the United States, where it is a popular companion and watchdog. Over the past 15 years, this breed has spread all over the world and can even be seen in respectable numbers in Europe, where it's becoming a popular alternative to the mighty, but quite expensive pure Rottweiler dogs.

Driven, tenacious and agile, the American Rottweiler is often used for fighting duties, but is primarily a personal protection breed and property guardian. Due to indiscriminate breeding practices, a large number of dogs have health issues and temperament problems, but this isn't a rule that can be applied on the entire American Rottweiler population, because there are some very handsome and healthy dogs to be found all over the country. Fairly easy to train and devoted to its owner, the American Rottweiler makes an amenable pet, but it needs early socialization and firm handling. Even though the fanciers of the German Rottweiler have nothing nice to say about the American variety, it should be noted that quite a few of these dogs have good temperaments and can be excellent companions. Leaner than its German counterpart, this is a very fast an agile breed.

The coat is dense, short and flat, usually black-n-tan in colour, with some white markings allowed on the chest and paws. Some red-coated dogs exist, but are rarely classified as Rotties. Average height is around 27 inches, but smaller, as well as much taller dogs are commonly encountered as well.

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