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Banter Bulldogge

The Banter Bulldogge is a re-creation of the 1700's Brabantse Bullenbijter, developed by Todd Tripp of Ohio, U.S.A. in the latter part of the 1990's, by crossing the Boxer with a number of undisclosed modern bully breeds, although the use of American Bulldogs, Pit Bulls and American Staffordshire Terriers is obvious. This powerful working Molosser is said to be healthier than its parent breeds and considerably more trainable. Athletic, energetic and alert, the Banter Bulldogge makes an excellent contestant in sports such as Agility, Personal Protection, Weight Pull and even hunting.

This breed is a dedicated watchdog, but is not overly vicious. Great with children, devoted to its family and reserved with strangers, the Banter Bulldogge is slowly gaining popularity in America. It can be confrontational with other dogs, which is why proper socialization is very important. In appearance similar to the original incarnation of the German Boxer, this handsome breed is a broad-shouldered, wide-chested and muscular bulldogge, with a round head, well-developed jaws and powerful muzzle. The body is well-boned, straight-backed and lean, with strong and sturdy legs. The ears and tail are accepted either natural or cropped, but the majority of dogs are unaltered.

The smooth short coat comes in solid shades of fawn, red, brown, brindle and black, with or without minimal white markings.

Average height is around 22 inches.

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